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liquified_icons's Journal

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Welcome! liquified_icons is the graphic journal of me fresco_senorita! I just started making graphics about 6-8 months ago. So I'm still pretty new to the whole thing. So any constructive critisms is always helpful. As are comments in general. I also post screencaps as well as some fanmixes from time to time. ^__^ Feel free to watch or join the community for future updates.

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1.) PLEASE remember to credit liquified_icons or fresco_senorita! I work hard on all my graphics and I would really appreciate if you gave me some credit. That also goes for my "love" bars.

2.} COMMENT. I really like to hear what you liked and what your taking or just your overall opinion of the batch of icons/bars. This also helps me with what kind of styles you like best.

3.) NO HOTLINKING. Just don't do it.

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The Aaron Stanford header that is up right now was made by me fresco_senorita

Stylesheet by refuted


dearest, silverque, iiokua, myrasis, candycrack, luthien_black,mutsie_brushes, ytrialc, onlyabreath, _iconographer,xsleepingswanx,

My caps and off LJ resources can be found in my memories under "resources"

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If you want to affliate let me know and I would be happy to add you. ^___^